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Moringa Medicine --- How Moringa has helped Me

Moringa oleifera mother

I wanted to write this post to give a little more information on the medicine found within the plant Moringa. In Gambia, there are a number of plants known to the locals traditionally as elixirs of Life, Moringa being one of the main mothers.

Moringa is referred to as “neva die” as it is traditionally used for a number of different ailments and can help strengthen the quality of one’s life. I’ve seen Moringa, as well as numerous other plants, be placed in the wounds of children to help them heal. That is probably due to Moringa’s high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.

In an environment where the meals aren’t nutritiously dense, Moringa is often cooked as a sort of spinach to add more nutrients to the food. As a Peace Corps volunteer, Health and Agriculture volunteers raved about the benefits of sprinkling dried up Moringa leaves on top of all their meals, while the rest of us powered through malnutrition. During my second time in the Gambia, I was faced with the same dilemma of lack of nutrient dense meals, only this time, I was pregnant. I would dry up my own Moringa leaves and steep them for an afternoon tea, or sprinkle some of the miracle powder on top of my spaghetti or eggs.

There is often a lot of controversy around taking Moringa while pregnant. An elder mentor of mine, a homeopathic healer, advised against taking too much Moringa during the early months of my pregnancy. There are certain cultures (not necessarily African) that have utilized Moringa to induce miscarriages. In my own experience, I was on such a nutrient deficient diet, maybe the Moringa was exactly what I needed. I experienced an increase in energy and mood during the times I used to take Moringa, as well as much more regular bowel movements than I was having before.

Since coming home, I have enjoyed the benefits of using Moringa in my skincare routine. In combination with adequate hydration (thank you coconut water!) I use Moringa seed oil to do an oil pulling cleanser in the mornings. I notice my face is a lot more moisturized, my pores are less clogged, and I have a vibrant glow. It must be the 46 antioxidants putting in that work!

In the future, I’ll dedicate more posts to the versatile ways Moringa can be ingested, topically or orally. In the meantime, please reach out and share any positive experiences you have after using this wonderful plant.

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